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Use our Social Media Campaigns to promote your brand, product or event on the web!

You are an event planner, host or chief marketing officer who always tries to be in the current course of time and one step ahead his peers? Then we can help you to forge new paths in promotion!

Forget the lavish production of flyers, expensive advertising campaigns in magazines or on television and get into a dialogue with the target group you really want to appeal with your advertising campaign.

While flyers will just end up on the street and the classic advertising message quickly vanishes in the back of the mind, a social media campaign will achieve a fast and effective distribution of your advertising message and allow a flexible response to the need of your customers.

You will learn right on time what the audience thinks about your event, you can spontaneously react to the demands of your target group and make changes and thus increase your reach. Whether Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube: Be present on the social media channels which your customers use the most and get surprised by the positive impact event promotion in social media networks may have on your enterprize.

Our list of satisfied customers is growing steadily. For a South African event agency which organizes and hosts concerts, we have already successfully completed event promotions on the social web. Due to the rapid and widespread distribution of the advertising message in the social web, the number of participants could be increased significantly compared to last years concert.

Let us support you to create a buzz for your event!

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