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Use our Social Media Campaigns to promote your brand, product or event on the web!

In 2009 CapeCoders run a comprehensive social media campaign for a large South African company. The three month long campaign covered the following social media activities:

1) Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is intended to safeguard and improve the brand image of a company. Only companies which know how Internet users talk about their brand or specific products and find out about the most mentioned points of criticism can continuously improve their products and processes. With that they can easily adapt to the needs of their customers and retain or even polish corporate image.

  • How do social web users talk about the brand, the products and services?
  • What is the cause of frequent criticism?
  • Countermeasures: adequate and rapid response to negative criticism

2) Social Media Advertising

The product is effectively promoted through a smart positioning in the social web. The seeding of the product leads to a  dissemination of the advertising message and has a positive effect on the reputation and reach of the brand.

The establishment, construction, and maintenance of corporate communities such as blogs, channels, or fan pages is going to put the finishing touch to the advertising concept in the social web and enables direct contact with customers.

  • Analysis of appropriate social media offerings, in which the company has not yet represented. (accompanied with a competitive analysis)
  • Development of virtual identities, which represent and solicit the company in boards, (micro-) blogs and social networks.
  • Active participation in business related discussions on the Social Web
  • Continuous maintenance and further development of virtual identities
  • Placement of promotional materials in relevant social media offerings
  • Development and support of a corporate community (fan page) on Facebook
  • Creation of a corporate blog, which can be used to get into direct contact with potential and existing customers
  • Maintenance of the blog by writing interesting and relevant articles
  • Development and establishment of a corporate Twitter account

3) Social Media Optimization

Through the provision and dissemination of interesting and relevant content and links in the social web, the product is benefiting from increasing its visibility and the positive effects on the search engine rankings through generated links.

  • Link building in DoFollow communities
  • Use of multipliers in the social web for link building measures

These social media activities or its individual modules will be established, maintained, documented and optimized according to the individual needs of the customers’ requirements.

Whether you opt for a single module or a comprehensive social media strategy, we will put your wishes into practice according to your ideas.

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