Swop your Personal Facebook Profile into a Business Page

Facebook’s terms and conditions doesn’t allow businesses to operate a personal profile as these profiles are solely foreseen for real people and not for businesses. However, many businesses still use a personal page to promote their business. Most of them still struggle to convert their profile into a page as they would need to start with zero fans again. On the other side Facebook Pages offers much more possibilities to promote businesses than personal profiles which have a 5000 friend limit and can’t use third-party applications to create a branded landing page, to run contests and to create a micro site.

That’s why Facebook decided to offer a tool to migrate profiles to business pages for people who either created a personal profile for their business before Facebook officially launched Pages, or accidentally started with a personal profile because they didn’t know that Pages exist and that the use of personal profiles for business purposes violates the terms and conditions.

The migration tool makes sure that all friends and the profile photo are transferred to the new business page. Friends then appear as people who like the business. However, additional photos, wall posts and like connections to other pages will not be migrated. Users who don’t want to loose this content can make use of Facebook’s Download Your Information tool to back up their content.

» Follow this link to migrate your profile to a page.
» Follow this link to get directed to the migration process help center.

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