The best 3 Tools to grow your Twitter Audience

My clients always ask me how we are able to grow the Twitter audience that fast. And my answer is quite simple: Don’t just send out pushy sales messages to your audience. Nobody want’s to read your sales messages except you offer something for free. Or do you read the one millionth spam message which promises a bigger penis (even if you are a woman), one million dollar or a significant weight loss… See?!

Instead be helpful, act as an expert and specialist, answer questions, and add value to the community by posting items of interest in your field. If you do it right you will increase not only your following but also your reputation and expertise and people will come to you to ask for the services you offer.

Twitter accounts with a high follower number are generally more attractive for the community because they seem to be follow-worthy.

That’s why I want to present 3 amazing Twitter tools which help you to grow your Twitter audience.


Tweepi is a follow management tool which helps you to find and target relevant peers. It doesn’t make sense to add every tweeple you can find just in order to raise your following. Better concentrate on interessted people, people who are working within your niche or who are interested in your area of expertise and your tweets. A big following only will turn into leads or sales if you target people within your desired audience. Tweepi supports you to find the right tweeps. And that’s the good thing. This tools also helps you to get rid of spammers and dead twitter acounts.

Tweepi shows you:

  • which tweeples are following the authories within your niche
  • whom you are following, who is not following you back
  • which users followsyou, whom you are not following back

So this tool allows you to, cleanup your following list, to delete deadbeat users and spammers and to follow quality tweeples within your niche.


BlastFollow helps you to find Twitter users who share your interests and who interact in the same niche as you do. The tool finds tweeples who tweeted a message with a specific hashtag recently. Use BlastFollow to grow your audience and use Tweepi to clean your following up.


Tweepsect enables you to find Twitter users in your field which auto-follow back as well as to find tweeples which are worth to communicate and engage with.

Find a detailed explanation for the procedure here.

I hope you find this list useful. If you know other tools, please let me and our readers know by posting a comment.

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