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Use Word of Mouth Marketing to promote your brand new products on the web!

We here at Socialmedialogue stand in a close relationship with South African and german bloggers and can help you to spread the word! We and our bloggers write about everything we are interested in. We write about our experiences with brand new products and services from South Africa, we love to create a buzz, we want to enable a dialogue with other consumers. Cos consumers are in control of messages today!

There is so much information out there that we prefer to make up our own mind about products and services. And we are not alone. Today, 74 % of people trust in recommendations of other consumers and only 14 % trust in advertisment. In a purchase decision process consumers rather ask friends or catch up on products in blogs than on company websites. On socialmedialogue.com these people can read what we thing about specific products. Before we write a review about a product or service we always have tested and discussed it in our team. Or we write a story about a product which friends told us about. Either because they loved it or because they don’t… And if we really like a product we talk to our friends and ask other chummy bloggers if they want to share our experience and test it as well. That’s Word of Mouth at its best.

Our blogs represent a perfect platform for recommendation marketing. And this type of marketing becomes more and more important today.

It happens quite often that South African companys send us a new product and ask us to review it. We love to create a buzz about your product as long as we can stay honest about our opinion.

We are always curious about new products and services. Especially when it’s about a brand new product which is not yet launched. Even if you don’t want us to write a blog article about our experiences and only want to get valuable feedback, you are more than welcome to contact us.

We always try to have fun with the products in order to ensure a best possible and unique product experience which we then share with the people around us.

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