Google Plus for Business: Pages to launch later this year

At the moment Google Plus is only available for private persons. As more and more business owners create private Google+ accounts for their brand, Google now asks them to wait until business pages will be officially launched.

In this context Google Product Manager Christian Oestlien approached business owners and asked them not yet to create profiles for their company or brand. At the moment Google only targets private persons and features for business pages are still in development, Oestlien says. Google will start to test these features with selected companies. If you are interested you can apply for the test of business features here. Google already has started to delete profiles which were not connected to real persons.

How Business Pages could look like

Google recently published a screenshot which shows how a business page could look like. In comparison to Facebook Pages Google+ Pages not only list fans but also employees and management. There will be a functionality to verify business ownership so that fans can be sure that they are really interacting with the original.

Also it will be possible to add more than one location of business by integrating Google Maps and Places. Companies can use Google Offers to include special offers for their fans and customers. The last will be able to use Sparks as a tool to keep up to date in terms of news relating to the brand.

Oestlien also announces that business pages will be able to integrate Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

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Business Page Concept: How a Starbucks Page could look like on Google Plus

Meeting and more: Google Plus business features

The Google Plus source code reveals some secrets in terms of new features that might become very interesting for businesses. Thanks to Florian Rohrweck who has brought this to light.

Google Meeting: There will be a “business hangout” for meetings that allows companies to organise, record and archive phone, text and video conferences with up to 10 people. Attendants can be invited via Google Calendar, eMail and Google Chat.

Google Screencast: With the Screencast functionality it will be possible to record the computer screen output and to share it with others so that participants can show or demonstrate things on their computer.

Google Whiteboard: The implementation of Google Docs makes it easy to present, create and share documents during a meeting. Meeting attendants will be able to make notes on a virtual “whiteboard” whose content can be shared with others via Google+ or email.

Google endavours to create the ulitmate online tool for meetings. Google meetings could become a powerful alternative to commercial products which allow companies to hold meetings outside of real offices. This could become very interesting and beneficial not only for international businesses that rely on bridging large distances for real life meetings but also for freelancers and employees who work in home offices.

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