How to remove a Facebook Account from Google

Recently, I received some mails asking me the same question which is how one can remove the Facebook profile from coming up on Google and other search engines. There is an easy way to delete oneself from Google search. You just have to know how as this function is a little bit hidden in your … Read more

The week in Social Media Marketing – week 23, 2010

The week in Social Media Marketing – week 23, 2010 Another busy week with great clients down here in Cape Town, South Africa. We are doing more and more social media marketing projects for international clients. With our force of freelancers worldwide it is quite an exciting task to target the different target markets, languages … Read more

The week in Social Media Marketing – week 22, 2010

Tags: weekend reading list Support this website and buy your amazon stuff via this link. You pay the same price but we get a small provision which we use in order to pay the server. Thank you for your support! Are you enjoying the read on Subscribe via RSS or E-Mail to get the … Read more

How to turn complainers into brand advocates

A brand advocate is characterized by his favourable perceptions of a brand. The brand advocate will talk favourably about your brand to their acquintances and help generate awareness of your brand and even influence purchase intent. And there is a way to turn complainers into brand advocates. You may wonder how you can actually do … Read more

Youtube: you can now upload videos up to 15 minutes in length

Today YouTube announced that you can now upload videos which have a length up to 15 minutes. So far it was only possibly to upload videos up to 10 minutes apart from powerusers who had a personal agreement with YouTube. The reason for that time limitation have not been the hardware resources but legal questions … Read more

Facebook Usage in South Africa

Check the latest statistics for Facebook. In South Africa there are currently 3,38 million users online and share their thougts, images and videos with friends, colleagues and peers. 3,38 million total Facebook users in South Africa (source: This number is much more impressive if you compare it with the number of people who have … Read more

Twitter & Co as a Ranking Factor

Last week, Google has updated its algorithm to rank web content for search phrases related to your social environment (‘Social Search‘). As a result, content generated on social media channels like Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blogger or Flickr will be applied to calculate the Google ranking. Information provided by Facebook users might be added to the … Read more

The week in Social Media Marketing – week 21, 2010

The week in Social Media Marketing – week 21, 2010 Another busy week in Social Media Marketing. And below some very interesting articles we came over this week. Have fun with your weekend Social Media Marketing reading list. And feel free to add more to our comments. Successful techniques for building your industry voice with … Read more

Facebook and Google want to buy Twitter

There are new reports which say that Google and Facebook may do battle to aquire Twitter. In 2008, Twitter rejected an offer from Facebook of $500 million in stock. Now, the company increased in value and is worth more or less than $8 to $10 billion! At least that is what Google and Facebook offered … Read more