How to turn complainers into brand advocates

A brand advocate is characterized by his favourable perceptions of a brand. The brand advocate will talk favourably about your brand to their acquintances and help generate awareness of your brand and even influence purchase intent.

And there is a way to turn complainers into brand advocates. You may wonder how you can actually do that. The answer is: with social media and your will to listen!

Social media has become more and more important as a customer service channel

Today a lot of people complain via social media tools. Twitter and Facebook are common tools to complain. If you are out there and listen you can track brand mentions and complaints and you will be able to intercept complaints before they spread around the world.

If your customers have the feeling that you don’t care what they are saying, if they have the feeling that their concerns and questions are not taken notice of, they will complain and let other people know. Don’t risk this brand damage. Don’t ignore negative mentions about your brand. Rather reach out and say sorry to the complainer and ask him how you can help him. Make them feel heard by answering and helping.

Listening to consumers will also give you insights that will lead to new and innovative ideas. If customers have the feeling that they are heard, that you take the feedback seriously, that they are the most important for the brand, that they are a part of the brand, you may well have turned them into a devoted brand evangelist for life.

Why you need brand advocates

These brand advocates will promote your products or brand just because they like it. They will recommend your products to their friends and peers. Today word of mouth is the most important form of advertisement. 90 % of all purchase decisions are based on recommendations and only 16 % on advertisment. So you should invest your money not only in ads but also in tools and tactics which help you to make people “like” and “recommend” your products. Social media is a perfect way to achieve this goal.

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