Swop your Personal Facebook Profile into a Business Page

Facebook’s terms and conditions doesn’t allow businesses to operate a personal profile as these profiles are solely foreseen for real people and not for businesses. However, many businesses still use a personal page to promote their business. Most of them still struggle to convert their profile into a page as they would need to start … Read more

Download Facebook White Paper “Best Practice Guide: Marketing on Facebook”

Facebook published a new white paper which describes best practices for reaching your businesses objectives on Facebook. The 14 pages long pdf-file contains among others: • A short illustration of the Facebook ecosystem and the approach with marketing projects • Five guiding principles that help you to market your business It also give insights for the … Read more

Prepare for Facebooks’ Reduction of Custom Tab Width

If you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to get prepared for Facebooks’ reduction of the custom tab width of Facebook Pages. Facebook will reduce the maximum width of brand and company pages from 760 pixels to 520 pixels in August 2010. All custom designed Facebook pages which still use more than 520 pixels in … Read more

Twitter: most used Cape Town Hashtags

Atcapetown.co.za wrote an article back in October 2010 that asked all the Cape Town Tweeple (@CapeTown) to make use of the Cape Town related hashtags in order to connect with each other and to better organise conversations. I like the idea of interaction and bringing together all the information about Cape Town. There is already … Read more

Facebook brings back chronological post view on Pages

Many administrators of Facebook Pages didn’t like the fact that with the latest Pages update, wall posts were shown based on popularity and not in a chronological way. This new default view implied that most recent posts with no interactions quickly disappeared from the wall and that updates that have received a lot of Likes … Read more

Facebook Users spend 16,000,000,000 minutes on Facebook – Daily!

Wooooow! What an amazing and impressing number is that?! All Facebook users together spend 16 billion minutes on Facebook – daily! That are: 267,000,000 hours 11,000,000 days 370,000 month 31,000 years There are currently 400 million users on Facebook. That means that every user spends 40 minutes on Facebook each day. All users share 6,000,000,000 … Read more

Twitter plans to buy Tweetdeck for $50m

Twitter wants to purchase Tweetdeck for $50 million. Tweetdeck is a real-time browser that connects people with their contacts across Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. However, it is mainly used to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Twitter lists and Twitter conversations. The tool provides much more functionality than Twitter’s web client does. Today, more than … Read more

Twitters ultra rapid rise

A new infographic from The Blog Herald shows astonishing insight in Twitters history, demography and geographical user structure. Tags: Infographic, Statistics, Twitter Support this website and buy your amazon stuff via this link. You pay the same price but we get a small provision which we use in order to pay the server. Thank you … Read more

The best 3 Tools to grow your Twitter Audience

My clients always ask me how we are able to grow the Twitter audience that fast. And my answer is quite simple: Don’t just send out pushy sales messages to your audience. Nobody want’s to read your sales messages except you offer something for free. Or do you read the one millionth spam message which … Read more

Twitter announces own photo sharing service

Once again Twitter offends the sensibilities of developers of third-party applications such as Twitpic, yFrog and others with the announcement to launch its own built in image sharing service. “We need to remove the friction from adding photos to Twitter,” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said. Costolo also announced that users of the new service “will … Read more